Why Wave Matters

Over the years, WavyForm engineers have researched the science of why Wave matters and influences our mind and body in room acoustics. We made the first discovery while listening to classical music in concert halls. Natural wood was beautifully incorporated into acoustic elements while also being used in a completely different way when musicians played wooden musical instruments. WavyForm recognized the importance of new ideas for Wave, creating a beautiful acoustical experience.
What We Stand For

We focus on creating high-quality acoustics.

The acoustical experience of music in concert halls is beautiful. Natural wood has a magical power to transform a space into a warm acoustical environment. We carefully looked at the texture and color of wood and found that its surface can vary greatly depending on the tree’s growth, and its age and location in the forest. Oak, maple and walnut panels all offer the rich texture and warm color of wood.
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Where We Manufacture

Sharing our passion of wood craftsmanship.

Our manufacturer, Staudigel GmbH, is located at Würzburg, Germany. The Staudigel family started their business as joiners and cabinet makers in 1936. They continued to grow their business and became a respected furniture manufacturer. Today, Staudigel has 50 highly skilled artisans in a state-of-the-art, 7,500-suare-meter production facility. The award-winning company stays true to its founding philosophy: making high-quality furniture products with wood craftsmanship, German-engineered for precision.
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Our Recognition

We've received many awards as high-quality product.

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